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Software Vendors and the Software they sell

While it is a fact that commercial software limits the choices that one has when it comes to customizing compared to open source, has higher chances of vendor lock-in and more licensing restrictions, these negatives however pale to the pros that such software has to offer. Read more

A New Computer Virus Goes After Factories

Stuxnet is a new computer virus on the block. Actually, the block is pretty good too. It’s one of the first viruses seen that’s designed for computers on the factory floor. Car plants, paint plants, metal fabrication factories, you name it – computers that run the operations at these places have been quietly infiltrated and crippled by Stuxnet for months. Read more

The Best Laptop Battery Life Contest

As much as the world has taken to the ever-present Netbook as a way to easily reach the Internet on the go, manufacturers are already on the verge of finding a newer sleeker avatar of the idea to carry the torch forward. Read more

The Best Photo Editing Software is Still Photoshop

With all the digital cameras in use around the world today, downloading images straight into digital editing software has totally replaced scanning, sending scanner sales and prices plunging. Who needs a scanner when there are no hard copy prints anymore? Read more

A secure network for a small business is no small matter, so what’s to be done?

Small businesses normally have a small network staff, perhaps a well-rounded computer person who seems to know about every aspect of computing and networks, someone to whom you can entrust your system, and your network security. If you’re such a person, or in charge of such a person or small IT staff, you’ll want to be certain that your network is truly protected. Read more