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Your Average Ten-Year-Old’s To-Do List: Do Homework, Practice the Piano, Build a Trojan Horse Virus

You keep hearing about the dangers of the Internet – nasties with names like myDoom and Autorun.ini are supposed to be waiting for you to make one misstep on the Internet, and they latch onto you, to make a nuisance of themselves. Read more

Seeing the Invisible Web

You are probably wondering what on earth the invisible web is. Is it some concept to come or is it something that already exists? To understand, we need to look at what you already know – the visible web. When we talk about the visible web, you are probably aware that we mean the part of the web that is visible by search engines and that is accessible to the general public. Read more

The Great New Features of Google Advanced Image Search

Perform a Web search on Google for a word or a phrase, and Google will right away come up with millions of results from webpages. With a few advanced search commands learned, you can quickly have Google automatically filter out results that you don’t need. Read more

Is the Famed Google Algorithm still the Best?

Do you remember when it was that you first realized that your search needs were best served by the Google algorithm for search? At some point, you must have realized that the Google algorithm just returned great relevant results. How exactly do you define a great and relevant result though? Read more

Antivirus Protection that your Internet Provider takes Care Of

So far, getting antivirus protection has always been something that’s been left to you, the private citizen trying to protect his interests with a product chosen from among dozens on the market. But now, there’s a new trend that appears to be starting – with at least one player to begin with. Read more