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Anyone received the following mail?
Subject: Workers Needed
Job Vacancy In Gail Thomas Mining And Construction Limited Ghana (WEST AFRICA)

Gail Thomas Mining And Construction Limited is a reputable mining and construction company in Ghana. We are seeking to engage the services of an experienced and self motivated individuals from every part of the world. We require qualified Blaster, Equipment Helper, Panel Operator, Winch Driver, Shift Supervisor, Underground Blast man, Account Officer, Drill Machine Operator, Drill Electrician, Underground Shift Boss, Senior Drilling Engineer, Mine Captain, Project Secretary, Chief Metallurgist, Underground Mine Planning Engineer, Mechanical Supervisor, Under Maintenance Superintendent, Financial Controller, Driller, Riggers,Hydraulic Engineer, Hydraulic Supervisor, Electrical Engineer, Administrative Executives, Geology Project Managers, Accountants, Environmental Experts, Office Assistants, Civil Engineers, Electricians, Carpenters, Plumber, Drivers, Computer Operators, Telecoms Administrator & Network Engineer Plant Start up, Machine Operators, Construction Engineers ,Installation Experts, Drilling Services, Civil Engineering, Architect Engineering, Marine Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Telecommunication Engineer, Surveying Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Financial Experts,Automobile Engineer, Pipe Construction & Design Engineer, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Welder Etc. Read more

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