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What Exactly Can The Fantastico cPanel Do For You?
Not so long in the past, if you wanted to put up a website, the process was anything but simple. You had to know a good deal about HTML or PHP. Even getting a hosting account and publish your site would need the mastering of all kinds of strange stuff. Read more

How to Magnetize Your Web Site
What will make your home page interesting? Good design plays an important part in your site’s overall effectiveness. But it’s not the flash that will interest your audience. It’s not the jingles that will connect with your visitor. Read more

The importance of quality blog design
Many individuals and companies are now diving into the world of social media and social networking. For many, this means creating and running a blog that is updated frequently. These blogs also usually include rich, high quality content. Read more

Blog Design Inspiration – Make Your Blog Stand Out

The Web is growing at a giant pace and the proof is the many websites and blogs that are designed for developers and designers looking for ideas. I personally cannot keep up with the blog designs that are published on an almost daily basis. Read more

Skills essential to Flash Website Designers

In order to create persuasive, eye catching web designs, it will be necessary to know how to create effects and animations and no better way can you do that than with the flash application.
Flash web designers know all too well the capabilities of flash and this is only limited by their imagination. In order to create dynamic flash websites and applications, a flash designer will need to be familiar with some finer details of the flash application. One of these is the ActionScript language. Read more