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Web Meetings and Industry
When an industry leader, say a giant car manufacturer, holds a workshop or seminar for engineers / developers, do they need to come in, hundreds of them on planes from all over? Do companies actually have that kind of budget in a time when people are actually losing their jobs?

At boardrooms across the world seminars, meetings and conferences are being given a re-thought.… >> Read more

A Person Who Can’t Help Hurting Himself
How do you know that you are the kind of material that would make a good entrepreneur? When you’re young and you look at the power and the perks involved in successfully being in business for yourself, you could be forgiven for wanting that for yourself when you grow up.

You keep hearing about the stresses of a job in the corporate world.… >> Read more

How Businesses Block Websites From Their Employees. And They Can’t Agree On What To Make Of Facebook
If no one in your organization is getting any work done because they are always distracted by the ever-inviting Internet available to them on their desks, it is possible that you have considered setting up a web filter that could help your employees help themselves from getting sucked into the delights of the Internet any moment you turn your backs on them.… >> Read more

Everyone Wants To Make A Lot Of Money
Nobody ever dreams of staying poor all their lives or making a lot of money and then losing it all. The American dream does not include losing one’s life savings due to a downward spiralling economy that looks like it is headed for even deeper, more tragic depths.

Tragic is perhaps too tidy a word for the destructive, life ruining consequences of the economic crisis we are currently experiencing.… >> Read more

Which are the Best Home Based Businesses?
More and more companies are laying off their employees. Naturally, this is disheartening for many workers all over the world. Many countries are experiencing all the same economical hardships. The reality is the economy is in poor shape in comparison to what it was ten years ago.

One way many men and women are dealing with this dilemma is through home based employment opportunities.… >> Read more