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What Does Computer Hardware Storage Mean?
Computer hardware storage refers to the hard drive that is connected to the computer system, normally your C: drive. This is the main storage area of the computer where all programs, files and the operating system run from.

In recent years, partly due to an influx of content on the internet in addition to the increase of high-definition, which in my opinion account for the great need of memory, hard drives now come in capacities ranging from 160GB on the low-end to terabyte ranges.… >> Read more

Academic Computing for the Humanities
At first, academic computing, or the use of computers in academic endeavours and the humanities seem unlikely bedfellows – given their separate and distinct subject matter. Computers are typically associated with logical and mathematical operations, or so they have been perceived since their inception.

True, the application of computers for entertainment purposes has brought the computer from the lofty, dignified and ethereal regions of the halls of knowledge to the less cerebral haunts of computer game arcades and teen bedrooms across the world.… >> Read more

Oh S..t, My Hard Drive Crashed And I have No Backups Off All My Hard Work! Try To Avoid This…
Data recovery involves salvaging of corrupted, failed, damaged and otherwise inaccessible data form a storage media. In hard disk data recovery, the goal is usually to retrieve deleted or corrupted data by either the use of software or advanced forensic methods.… >> Read more

Apache Web Servers – Why Are They Superior?
You may be wondering what makes Apache web hosting and services more popular than other server platforms. The truth is, we have to look at its installation to identify one reason why many people favour Apache to other platforms.

A search on Google will reveal that we have a lot of applications that have integrated Apache, PHP and MySQL, all necessary for a complete server environment, into one robust easy-to-install package.… >> Read more

Adware, Spyware and a Virus

Is Data Recovery Possible?
If somehow important files have been corrupted, lost or deleted – don’t panic just yet; it might be recoverable. However data recovery is a tricky thing. There are a few things not to do.

Don’t use the hard drive (or MP3, portable storage, camera card, whatever) anymore. Do not try to find a solution on the Internet while utilizing the same hard drive.… >> Read more