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What Kind Of Device Will We Be Hanging Onto Five Years From Now?
Consumer tech is really shaping up quickly about how we tend to live and stay in touch. What does the future of technology hold for us in the near future?
At this point, most people find that they have a Smartphone that performs most the tasks that they need. Five years from now, what kind of devices will be central to our lives? Read more

What is an iPod Shuffle?
The iPod Shuffle is a great mp3 device for the eclectic listener that enjoys spontaneity. You can let it “shuffle” through your music and randomly choose what you will hear, or the newer generation devices actually make use of voice technology through which you can dictate what artist, song, or album you would like to listen to at that moment. It even understands you in a variety of 20 languages. Read more

How To Check Your Email From Anywhere
Technology continues to advance by the day. Although this can be a little overwhelming at times, it is wonderful as well.
After all, Internet access and cellular telephones make communication so much easier these days. Can you even imagine living without them? Well, if you are like most of us, then you probably cannot. Read more

Mobile Computing: The Impact of Social Media
The implication of mobile phones in our modern world is getting clearer. With the impact that these devices have on social media networking sites, mobile computing just got better and draws attention from hardware, software developers and vendors. Read more

With Apple Leaving Out Flash Software On The iPhone And The iPad, Is This The End For Adobe?
Critics started tearing into the new Apple iPad about ten minutes after its release. Why would Apple make a Web browsing device like this, and still not give it Flash capability? To watch YouTube videos seems to be just about the biggest reason you would want one of these cute little computer “slates” for. Read more