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Reasons To Trade On The Forex Market
More and more investors and entrepreneurs are shunning traditional financial markets, like stocks, bonds , commodities and building their fortunes in the foreign exchange (Forex) marketplace.
The reason why they are turning to the all electronic world of Forex trading is its numerous advantages over any type of investments. Even if you are an experienced Stocks or Commodities trader you will discover how powerful the Forex is. Read more

The Foreign Exchange market (also referred to as the Forex or FX market) is the largest financial market in the world, with over $1.5 trillion changing hands every day.
That is larger than all US equity and Treasury markets combined!

Unlike other financial markets that operate at a centralized location (i.e. stock exchange), the worldwide Forex market has no central location. Read more

Automated Forex Trading Software — you’re Key to the Mint?

The great thing about trading in foreign exchange in a speculative way is that you could get into it even if you don’t know the first thing about trading. You could do it with automated forex trading software – or forex robots as they call it in the trade. Read more

Covering The Basics Of  The Forex Market
The foreign exchange, or forex, market is relatively young, having begun in the early 1970s after the United States dropped the gold standard and national currencies started to fluctuate widely.

For about 30 years prior to that, most nations had agreed to keep their currency values stable in relation to the U.S. dollar, making a forex market unnecessary. Read more