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Computer Programming Finds a New Gleeful Audience. In Five Year-Olds?
When some people hear about the new computer programming language aimed at children called Scratch, here’s the question that comes to mind: “Really, does society need to be inflicted with one more programming language for beginners?”

About 50 years ago, when we first began to see these mysterious machines running spools of tape with precise motions on James Bond or Mission Impossible, names of programming languages like Fortran, Basic, LISP or Algol seemed really cool in an alien sort of way.… >> Read more

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A Look At Java Programming
Java is an object-oriented programming language that is modelled after C++. However, the advantage that Java has over other programming languages is the fact that it is designed to be small, portable and robust, making it accessible from many different platforms and operating systems.

On the web, Java applications called applets can be created to be dynamic and interactive and can be embedded on a web page where users can use a Java-enabled browser (most browsers these days are Java enabled)  to download and execute the Java code.… >> Read more

Freelance Programming In The U.S. After The Fall
Just over a decade ago high school counsellors, job training specialists and college career centres were all praising the security, abundance and high salaries of people trained as computer programmers.

The market was tremendous, with technical web sites listing thousands of jobs for programmers of every ilk, C++, Java and even COBOL was still in demand.… >> Read more