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What Exactly Can The Fantastico cPanel Do For You?
Not so long in the past, if you wanted to put up a website, the process was anything but simple. You had to know a good deal about HTML or PHP. Even getting a hosting account and publish your site would need the mastering of all kinds of strange stuff.

These days, when you buy web hosting, those things that you need to do to get up and running are easily handled with the control panel that the hosting provider offers you.… >> Read more

How to Magnetize Your Web Site
What will make your home page interesting? Good design plays an important part in your site’s overall effectiveness. But it’s not the flash that will interest your audience. It’s not the jingles that will connect with your visitor.

It’s the benefits – the “what’s in it for me” that create interest and even desire. Create a home page filled with benefits and it will pull your visitors in.… >> Read more

Taking a Web Design Course
To someone who is getting introduced to web design, it can seem overwhelming to discover that there is so much to learn in this vast field. If you are starting from scratch, the feeling is even more overwhelming when you consider all that you have to know in order to be a professional in the field.… >> Read more

For The Major Fashion Designers Websites And Internet Excitement Are Last On Their List. Why?
Do you remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer has this whole pointless story about how he wanted to return a pair of pants he bought, but by the time he got to the store “he ended up ruining the very pants he set out to return”?… >> Read more

Dynamic Web Design – The PHP Module
With the publicity that dynamic websites are getting these days, there is a good chance that you are already familiar with PHP web design, or at least have heard about it. For those who have not, PHP is a programming language that is used to design dynamic websites.

By dynamic, we mean that these are websites that interact with a server and process instructions, on-the-fly, so to speak.… >> Read more